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November 3rd & 4th for the North American Oyster showcase.

In beautiful Gulf Shore, Alabama

A compelling Seafood Legacy

The Glory of Nature - Oyster farming in BottleBay

In 1990, a visionary aquafarmer, Jose Trinidad Ruiz Mercado (Don Trino), set out to establish Oysters in the Estero Las Botellas, Bahia Magdalena. This pristine remote ecosystem along the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur is known worldwide as a primary calving bay for Grey Whales. The unpopulated region of bays and estuaries have long supported diverse and abundant wildlife. 

Artesian harvest of marine life and bivalves continues today as it has for eons. More recently pioneers like Don Trino have embraced sustainable, environmentally sound aqua farming methodologies. 

The wonders of nature have provided a unique combination of extremely deep water nearshore upwellings, multiple tidal openings and a 3-6 knot flushing current. 

This gift supplies Don Trino's farm with world class water abundant in life sustaining nutrients. This marine environment creates what top marine biologists have coined "a bivalve heaven".

A constant exchange of fresh Pacific Ocean waters within this remotely situated aquafarm allows us to harvest & ship to order without need for flushing, purging or irradiating the Oysters. 

BottleBay natural, farm fresh Oysters are environmentally and sustainably raised utilizing our proprietary advanced tumbling bag methodology, then harvested to order. Certified packaging and refrigerated shipping for arrival within 24 hours. 

BottleBay Pacific - like no other you've tasted

One look at the emerald hued shell of our Pacific (Gigas) will provide a hint of the abundance of life giving nutrients these Oysters are awash in from larval stage, nurtured husbandry to custom harvest.

Delivering the purest taste of the sea, a clean briny front sets the palette for fresh slightly cucumber crunch finish. 

The lure of BottleBay umami will linger on the backside, inspiring you to consume or share a dozen more with friends.

Please let us know your taste experience.

BBP - 120 Count per box

Sizes: M, L, XL, Jumbo

Pricing : Market & Upon Request

F.O.B. : Los Angeles, CA

The King of Kumamoto

Known for their deep cup and mild sweet flavors, the very popular Kumamoto Oyster has been in short petite supply.  Typically a slow grower, many farmers are struggling to supply mature product .

Introducing - BottleBay Kumamoto.

At Las Botellas our Kumamoto grow healthy, deep, sweet and flavorful.

Considered by some chefs to surpass the taste and umami of our Pacific's.  A less briny start, slightly fruity hint make these wonderful for your first time half shell experience. Novice and experts alike find them irresistible.

We want you to decide.

These are the most robust and abundant crop of Kumamoto's available in the USA. We dare you to try one, and finish with a dozen or more.

Please share your taste experience.

BBK - 120 Count per box

Sizes: M, L, XL

Pricing: Market & Upon Request 

F.O.B. : Los Angeles, CA

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Our Oysters can maintain their freshness for up to 14 days with proper handling. Please do not freeze, they are alive. Keep between 36-40 degrees but do not cover with ice.

Live Shellfish Warnings: Eating raw seafood poses a health risk to everyone, but especially to the elderly, young children under age 4, pregnant women and other highly susceptible individuals with compromised immune systems should cook their Oysters. If unsure, consult your physician.

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